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  1. Yeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! sonic !!!!! so hungry!!! tank you!!!!
  2. Thank u.....so hungry...😷😷
  3. I doubt any of these will still work.......but you will definitely miss every opportunity you don't take......Thanks for the effort.
  4. Thanks you are appreciated 😊
  5. Thank u I hopes they workin
  6. As always you are awesome. Your hard work is appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the cheesy goodness!
  8. Yeeeeeeeeeaaahhhh!!!!! Sonic!
  9. You are my own personal McChrist in a non-blasphamos way of course;)
  10. Anyone know how to get around the 2 step authorization where it texts the phone number on the account to confirm the order? Also, you can't change the number either because it texted the original number to confirm the change.... Any advice would be great.
  11. Please work 🙏 please work please 🙏 work please 🙏 thank ya!
  12. Thanks. Hope at least 1 still works.
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